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Sport for complete lifestyle

Church Boys United Football club was registered in 2009 in National Sports Council, Lalitpur. Church Boys United is dedicated to provide best sports, sound health, professional coaching and educational opportunities for all our deserving precious Nepalese brothers and sisters, despite color, race and religion.

Sports for all

We use sport and, in particular football as a medium to approach our communities to bring peace, unity and the spirit of the Good Samaritan, heed and pursue harness a sense of mutual respect and trust. We work to widen horizons of opportunities for all, commit ourselves to raise aspirations in the heart of desperate Nepalese, regardless of religion, race, sex, and age. We pledge non-racism, impartiality and access of opportunity for all.

Sports as bridge

Sport is one of the few activities in the world that bring people together no matter where you are on the globe. Color, race, language, religion, age and gender are all forgotten on the sporting field. Many sports organizations and agencies have long known of the benefit of being involved in sport and serving sports people as a way to connect with their cultures as well to build a bridge of friendship and harmony.
Church Boys United has established more than 20 partnerships with other organizations and has delivered wide range of services to the needy community from Jhapa to Dhangadi in the west. A new community has born a community that cares others of about whom everyone is talking in the town.


Church Boys United expresses gratitude towards the generous sponsorships by domestic and foreign individuals and agencies, the precious contributions of its precious members who wants to express and reinforce their relationship with the church boys united football club.

Some of the programs of Church Boys United

Football Academy

Church Boys Foundation is planning to start football academy for youth in Nepal. East Nepal has produced many football stars which have significantly contributed to the nations football development. Please partner with us to make this dream come true. We need investment in Church Boys Academy.

Football Coaching

Church Boys provides football coaching to the youth groups. Please contact with us for time, place and other requirements.


Church Boys is helping a school for disadvantaged children living in Dungudnge in Ilam, Nepal. These children have no school. Only the nearest school they can join is by crossing the river and walking two hours to get to the school and when they are home from the school, they are tired, hungry and exhausted. We help build school so that they do not have to suffer like this.

Service to Prison inmates

Church Boys visits prison and share food and books with them. If you read this, please donate books for prison in Nepal. We would like to expand library in the prison so that inmates can read and correct their life.